Thursday, 2 August 2012

Pigeon Fancies...

The Scottish league season kicks off this weekend after a pretty tumultuous summer. The English league will follow closely behind next week so we thought it would be a good time to share with you some of the things we're hoping for from football over the next ten months.

Scottish Attendances Up 

There is so much goodwill with fans in Scottish Football right now and the promise from those fans is to fill the seats. We hope that this is the case, early on the signs good with Season Ticket sales up at clubs and campaigns happening across SPL clubs. However, the proof will be months into the season if this continues. We hope it does and by end of the season all clubs average attendances are up. We also hope that SFL clubs benefit from Rangers being in the lower leagues and attendances across all leagues go up. CK

Cost of Football Down... Quality of Football Up 

For point 1 to happen this season these two things MUST happen. Goodwill amongst fans will only go so far. Clubs at all levels in Scottish Football need to address the overpricing at the gates. The cost of games is something we are keen to feedback on across the season, but most importantly fans paying these prices need to be entertained. Most Scottish clubs set their teams up not to lose instead of to win and this directly results in the fast paced punt the ball culture that we have. We'd like to see clubs this year set their teams up to give value for money andif they fail to do this then the armchair fans will quickly be glued to Sky all season watching the EPL. CK

Visit as many grounds as possible

We aren't putting a number or a target on this. One of our motivations for starting this blog, other than thatwe just love going to football matches, was the cost of football as a spectator. We don't expect to come to the end of the season and have 40-50 grounds listed on the blog but we do expect that we'll have filled free time with the disposable income we do possess, visiting new grounds and ones we've been to before watching good football and having some laughs along the way. You can count between the two of us a wife, a fiancé, a wedding to pay for, an 18 month old child and two mortgages so we unfortunately can't do two games a week. We also live on opposite sides of the country! PS

For our teams to win trophies...or avoid relegation

I think every football fan, no matter how successful or mediocre their team is, always hope at the start of the season that their team might get to a cup final and who knows what could happen, or that they will have a good year in the league. Obviously, we hope that the teams we support do well, and of course steer clear of relegation!

Other than the teams we grew up supporting, we have found soft spots for teams as we have visited them for games, so we hope that those teams also do well. Carlisle are such a team that we hold a soft spot for being that it was one of our first away days and we've been back a couple of times since. PS

To see an FA Cup tie

The heading says it all really! One of our footballing objectives for this blog is not only to visit new grounds but to go to games that we wouldn't normally go to. When travelling to Burnley last season our train passed Bamber Bridge, a team name we recognised from early rounds of the FA Cup. At that moment we wanted to make sure that we visited lower league grounds as part of this project as well as league grounds. We've probably watched the FA Cup for near on 20 years now and to go to a game would be something else ticked off the list! PS

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