Saturday, 25 August 2012

Steven Fletcher - £14m??

On Friday Sunderland completed the signing of Steven Fletcher from Wolves for a reported £14m, this transfer has made Fletcher the most expensive Scottish player of all time and initial reaction from some members of the media is that this is overpriced and that their is better value elsewhere... even Fletcher's best pal Craig Levein was quick to weigh in to announce that this changed nothing and not only would he still not be welcomed into the Scotland squad but he also took a dig at the price - "We can argue all day long if he's worth that sort of money, it just seems quite obscene, but that's the going rate - that's the figure that people are paying for strikers."

Am I the only one that thinks this is ridiculous? Not the price...the reaction! As a nation should we not celebrate that we have a player that is considered to be that expensive and of that quality. This isn't a punt Sunderland are taking, in the past 3 seasons Fletcher has scored double figures in England ('The greatest League in the World') and each season he has been playing for teams that were fighting relegation.

Last season Sunderland had no player that scored double figures in the League, therefore this investment shows that they believe a return of 12+ Goals from Fletcher over the next few years is well worth the money they are paying. The inclusion of Adam Johnson to this squad over the past 24 hours makes this Sunderland squad really interesting, not challengers by any stretch of the imagination, but this could very well make Sunderland a top 10 squad again, with investment in players at the right age then this could be the start of something interesting... or has this been said before? (Gyan & Bent?)

Whilst Sunderland could very well be improving we have already heard that this will result in no change on the Scotland National Team front. It would appear that Fletcher & Levein are no closer to resolving their issues and as a result Scotland are missing out on a prolific scorer. In recent years no other Scottish striker has had the success Fletcher has had in a top league playing against World Class players...yet the Tartan Army are no closer to seeing this in the flesh.

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