Thursday, 20 September 2012

Scottish Competitions Challenge

Like most people, some of the Pigeons best ideas come about over a beer (this blog for example). Whilst chatting about the blog and what games we could go to over the coming months we were conscious that we really wanted to experience every main senior competition that Scotland has to offer, and therefore decided to set ourselves that very challenge.

It would be easy for us just to say this and see what happens, therefore we are setting it in stone here. It is important for us to see the cost of attending football at all levels and not just judge this based on our past experience and the odd game here and there. Therefore, this season we will visit a game in all of the below competitions and report back on them here.

Scottish Premier League
Division 1
Division 2
Division 3
Ramsdens Cup
Scottish League Cup
Scottish Cup
Highland League
East of Scotland Football League
South of Scotland Football League

Follow our Scottish Football Challenge tab at the top of the page for our summary of the challenge throughout the season.

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