Thursday, 27 September 2012

Scottish League Cup Ponderings

That's right...we said Ponderings!

Earlier this week an argument/disagreement/debate cropped up on our twitter feed between Celtic fans criticising other Celtic fans who didn't come to the League Cup match earlier this week against Raith Rovers. These tweets set me off on a little scan of attendances and even I was shocked to see the Parkhead attendance below 15,000 mark on Tuesday. I was then immediately in contact with a close friend who is a Celtic fan that filled me in on the £15 (£12 Season Ticket holders)/ £5 kids ticket price for this game. This price comes after an SPL game above £25 range and a Champions League game that was in the £35 region all within 7 days... he had a point. At a time when people are counting every penny how can clubs expect fans to fork that out in one week.

We then contacted Dunfermline to find that they were charging £15 for their game vs Aberdeen on Wednesday night. (Attendance 3,057)

What made this alarming was that at my work we often listen to radio station XFM and over the past week or two they had been playing adverts for Arsenal vs Coventry tickets at only £10 (Arsenal had 58,000 in attendance for their cup tie).

I know people will not like us comparing the two countries as Sky coverage of English football is often cited as a reason for Scottish Football's declining attendances and Arsenal certainly don't need to rely on the cash from this weeks gate in the same way some Scottish clubs might, however, the actions of the clubs to address the lack of interest in the early stages of the 'diddy' cup surely deserves being brought to the attention.

In our opinion it is the clubs that should be getting the criticism for the low attendances seen this midweek... not the fans that didn't turn up! Surely more could have been done by all clubs or even the SFA to set a maximum price of tickets at this early stage to ensure fans came through the turnstiles and generated a bit of atmosphere into these games.

And then after all of this there was a further puzzling development of when the Quarter Final draw would actually be one knew!!?? Well, we can confirm that the draw will be made Thursday 4th October around about the time when everyone has forgotten about the cup.

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